Homescapes is an interesting multi-level puzzle game

To pass the level, you will not only need to collect fruit, but also to apply skills such as wit and ingenuity. Pleasant bonuses, family mystery solving, tangled combinations and dangerous elements await you!

The peculiarity of the game is its fascinating storyline. Everything starts with simple and simple tasks, after coping with which you will be rewarded with stars. Thanks to them, you will be able to buy new things for home improvement, make repairs, improve the landscape and build the house of your dreams!

Welcome to Austin’s family estate, where Olivia’s mother and father William live! Austin has been living alone for a long time, but one day he came to visit his family and saw a terrible picture: his beloved home was almost destroyed. “Everything needs to be repaired and restored,” thought Austin and decided to stay at his parents’ house to help them.

From the game can not just come off, I want to play more and more. To keep the intrigue until the last moment, the developers offer not only to collect fruit, transform the house, but also recommend to solve the mysteries of the family of the protagonist Austin. The game has a social network, which uses Austin. With its help, you can call and your friends to help.

If you think that it is easy and simple to pass the levels, we hurry to assure you that this is not the case! The game is often updated, and the number of levels is already approaching 1000.

Train your mental and creative abilities, overcoming obstacles on the way to the goal – the mansion of your dreams, with the game Homescapes. Download the game for free, without advertising or other spam.

Shadow Fight 3


The Shadow World is one step away from the Great War. Many years ago, a mysterious force began to rule. The energy of shadows became a real weapon. Many people are satisfied with it, but not all of them.
About the game

The most powerful clan is the Legion, and he has set himself the main task – to destroy the dark force. On the other side is the Dynasty, which wants to control the Shadow Energy. The third force is the Messengers. These wars know how to use energy for the benefit of their people.

The result is several views on the world. And it is on these three factions that the fate of the rest of the world depends. It is up to him to decide for whom the player will speak.
The main features of the game are as follows: (i) the role of the player in the development of the game; (ii) the role of the player in the development of the game; (iii) the role of the player in the development of the game; and (iv) the role of the player in the development of the game.

Shadow Fight 3 has the following features:

The game has modern animation and advanced physics;

You can combine different fighting styles and fight as you like;

An impressive selection of uniforms and weapons;

An impressive map of the open world with many interesting places to see;

interesting story, you will go through a lot of fascinating missions;

you can challenge other players with the Duel Mode.

Criticism and feedback

The distribution of the game is based on the free to play model. For this reason, developers are often criticized. People do not like the fact that a lot of game items need to be bought for donation. Of course, this can be done during the game, but this approach will take a lot of time. But experts note – this monetization is much more comfortable than in the previous part of the game.

Also, Shadow Fight 3 is sometimes criticized for the fact that the developers have left the two-dimensional silhouettes, which are considered canonical.

Candy Crush Saga


Candy Crush Saga, released by King, is one of the most famous free android puzzles in a row of three (like tetris) genres. You have to combine three game candies of the same color in a row to make them disappear. If you combine more – you get special candies that give you more options. Sweets are varied: marmalade, suckling, chocolate, and even cream cakes. They also have different colors: purple, orange, pink, blue, green and red.

At the beginning of the game you can buy for a small amount of 20 gold bars, a lot of sweets and a gift. On the left appears a funny fairytale character who will tell you what to do. After the fifth loss you need to wait for a certain time to resume the game. The number of moves is limited. You need to gain a certain number of points to pass the level. The higher the level, the more points you need to score. After passing each new level you are given a reward and gold, and on the screen dances fairytale character. For gold you can buy improvements. In Candy Crush Saga there are many levels, all of which differ in color or shades of colors. Each level has several sublevels in its composition. With the passing of the game levels are becoming more and more difficult: it is given fewer moves and you need to earn more points at the same time.

Candy Crush Saga has a bright, eye-catching interface. This game requires a lot of mental tension and logical thinking. It will help you to improve and train your memory, perseverance and attention. The puzzle game is designed for even the smallest players. Age limit in the game 3 +.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR


The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is a new batepam game with RPG elements.

There are fighters from the KOF series in the game. Which are presented with festive themes. There are also gender characters. The game has characters from the past parts of the application. New characters will be added in subsequent updates.

The game starts with a tournament that will determine the best player in the world. You yourself create a team of fighters. They will fight together with you. Fighters compete for dreams. You can team up with players from all over the world and fight in real time. There are competitions in several modes: league matches, arena mode.

Graphics is very good. The control is carried out by a sensor, easy to use. In the application you can create a combined technique, or perform the most powerful special techniques.

There are about 200 characters in total. You select them and collect from them a team. You can play with strategy by teaming up with other players.

In the game there is a possibility of shopping. This feature can be disabled in the settings of the device.
For the application to work well, you must have the following features:

The processor is 2.5 GHz;
RAM - 2 GB or higher.

Please read the privacy policy carefully at: https://help.netmarble.com/terms/privacy_policy_en?locale=en&lcLocale=en

Read the terms of service at: https://help.netmarble.com/terms/terms_of_service_en?locale=&lcLocale=en

If you have any questions, please always contact our support team at https://help.netmarble.com/game/kofg.

Play, win and get positive emotions.

Design Island


Design Island is a fascinating game of three-in-a-row android (like tetris). The essence of games of this genre is to group 3 or more elements of the same color and shape in a row horizontally or vertically. Then they disappear and you get points. Accordingly, the more matches, the better. In Design Island you will have to group red bows, yellow backpacks, pink hats, green pillows, red books and blue mittens. The bombshell is your loyal friend and assistant.

Design Island is a fabulous island, once stunning scenery and dazzling beauty of mansions. Only now the island has become abandoned. It is necessary to correct such misunderstanding urgently. Put order and beauty on the island. Renovate your villa to make it even more beautiful than it used to be. Let the whole world know about your mansion!

At the beginning of the game you are invited to the mansion by a nice woman. But sights such as beautiful furniture disappear and you should return them or buy them even more beautiful. Perform tasks and get stars. They give you coins for which you can buy anything you want. As you go through the game, you will discover new cottages, rooms, furniture, carpets, ornamental plants and other decorations to create your dream mansion. You will be able to discover the creative abilities of the designer and architect, creating new images of your villa. You will have the opportunity to get pets, meet and make friends with neighbors, as well as new game characters. You’ll have to perform certain tasks and assignments, and your rewards will be a bonus. Open new levels. Start an amazing journey right now!

Even the youngest users (from three years old) can play in Design Island. The game is colorful, attractive and simple. Develop yourself and develop your child’s abilities together with Design Island.

Sand Balls


Make a path for your balls by moving your finger. Avoid and crash obstacles. Get as many balls to finish as you can.

Sand Balls is a great puzzle game where you have to drill passages in the sand and bypass obstacles.

The meaning of the game is easy to understand and it is beneficial to diversify the additional content that can be opened.

With the help of pile you will be right on the screen to make moves in the sand, trying to most effectively deliver the balls to the final necessary point, namely – to put them all in the truck. Does it look simple and clear? Yes, but the main essence of “Tetris” is not complicated, and the game is the greatest. Of course, this game can hardly be compared in quality and grandeur with “Tetris”, but it will also be able to surprise you. When passing through the path of our sand balls will have to constantly face a variety of objects, obstacles, which can interfere with and help promote the balls. Situations with the number of balloons that you are moving at the same time right now, can also cause some difficulties. It is not always easy to control the movements of all the balloons at once. It can happen that some balls get stuck in the aisles, cut off by a screen camera, or even self-destruct if they hit a burner or funnel. The balls do not have any “health”, their “death” will be immediate.

So it is necessary to observe the maximum care, to watch closely each step to avoid loss of balls on a way and to load them in a car body, receiving for it corresponding prizes. In the role of prizes are, firstly, the stars, and, secondly, the main among the resources used in the “Sand Balls” – crystals.

Developers continue to enjoy the players to actively update their creations. In a recent update in Sand Balls added a special mini-game, where you need to open three random chests out of nine. There you can get crystals and a special prize, and the special prize is exchanged for valuable resources. To open the chests in 6 steps, you will need to pick up three keys. If you view an advertisement in the chest opening menu, you can add 3 more keys, so the chances to find a valuable prize and take more of the desired crystals are increased. Have a good game!

Little starSeptember 29, 2019909The game is certainly good, and if one “but” didn’t hurt, there would be 5 stars. Now I will explain what kind of “but” is. When I downloaded the game, I read the comments. In almost all (I didn’t read all the comments) it was written that “A lot of advertising”, “Advertising is in the way”, “I’ve never seen so much advertising”. I don’t …Read more

Irina BogdankaSeptember 30, 201975The game is good, but if 3 big BUT. 1. The level cannot be replayed, or if you made a move, then it cannot be undone. 2. It is very stupid when I can get a car, improve it, but it doesn’t work, it loads endlessly, that something is loading allegedly. 3. No levels visible. And so the game is very addictive, developed …Read more

Denis AntonovSeptember 30, 201959Guys, the game is cool, addictive. The minimalistic interface is, of course, cool, but why can’t I skip the old steps? This is stupid and greatly reduces replay value. I hope you read the comments

Anastasia BondarenkoSeptember 30, 2019284The game is good, addictive, but advertising! It is unbearably large, it is simply not possible to play, all kinds of advertisements constantly pop up, and when I want to get an additional bonus, the advertisements do not load, it really pisses me off! Please correct and make less advertisements !!

ivanka novikovaOctober 1, 20199The game is not bad, but only at the beginning. Then it becomes boring, because the levels are the same, even the complexity does not increase. When I collected all the balls, interest is completely lost. A lot of advertising, but it does not interfere. Only sometimes it hangs where x3 and x5

Marina BSeptember 30, 201960The application is not bad, but advertising after each level, you play for 10 seconds and advertising for 60 seconds. 🤪 Dear developers, you need to know the measure in advertising, and secondly, children play casino advertising in these games.

Anna MakhanevaOctober 4, 20198The game is good, but the advertisement is something incredible … It cannot be missed, it cuts music in other applications and pops up every action, you watch 5 clips per level .. Nightmare !!

Dmitry ShardakovOctober 4, 2019fourThe game’s plugin doesn’t work, especially the buttons after completing the level, you have to wait to refuse when the Internet is disconnected, it asks for consent to collect some personal data, I certainly understand that the game is “5-minute” and is made purely for quick money on advertising, but she frankly g.

Hitorika tyanOctober 4, 20196I understand that everyone wants to earn more money on their application, but this is really overkill. Advertising appears after each level and not one, but 2-3. After going through several levels, it starts to annoyingly wildly, I just want to drop everything and remove this app to hell with the dog …Read more

Irina GoncharenkoSeptember 30, 201916Despite the interest in the game, delete. I have not seen such an intrusive advertisement. I play for 5 seconds, I watch 15 commercials. I understand that the application is shareware. But borders must be …

Valeria BalakinaOctober 1, 20197To be honest, it’s very unpleasant that such a cool toy has such a small number of really difficult levels. I reached the level of 100. On the 80th I already realized that the developers were stupidly too lazy to invent levels further.

Brawl Stars


Swift battles in multiplayer mode from the creators of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach.

Brawl Stars immediately pleases everyone who starts to play it with wonderful dynamics! It’s super-fast online fights from the developers of such masterpieces as Clash Royale, Boom Beach, Clash of Clans.

Fight your friends or alone in different game modes, which can last up to three minutes. Open up, improve dozens of different fighters, each with powerful superpowers. The game can also be enriched with unique skins that will make you stand out in the game and make you look great in the arena. If you want to join an existing gang, if you want, you can create your own gang with your friends, and anyway, you can exchange tactics and fight together.

There are many game modes in the game. For example, in the 3 by 3 crystal grabbing, you and your teammates will be able to find tactics that can crush your opponent’s team. You will need to collect and hold 10 crystals, which will be lost if you die.

Collision – this mode is available as both pairwise and single mode. This is a royal battle, a battle for survival. Collect amplifiers for your fighter, play alone or with friends and strive to survive in crazy battles to survive. There the winner will be able to get everything!

The capture reward is a three by three mode. Defeat your enemies, get stars, don’t let them beat you. Whoever gains more stars wins!

Robbery is a three by three mode. Try to hack into the enemy team’s safe while covering your own. Explore the map, sneak up on enemy treasures, or crush anything that comes your way!

A brand new version of the game is Brawl Ball! You will become a football player and win when you score 2 goals first. Red cards are not provided here!

There is no limit to perfection in each mode.

The gameplay of the game will not let you get bored, and, opening new fighters and participating in special events, you will constantly experience new impressions. Believe me – you won’t want to break away from Brawl Stars for a long time! One of the important advantages of the game is its absolute free of charge, although some in-game items are on sale for real money. The game is intended for people over 13 years old.

Fight solo or with friends in a variety of game modes lasting up to three minutes. Unlock and upgrade dozens of fighters with powerful superpowers. Buy and collect unique skins to stand out in the game and look spectacular in the arena. Join a gang or create your own with friends to exchange tactics and joint battles.

– Capture crystals (3 by 3): join forces with teammates and develop tactics that will crush the enemy team. To win, you need to collect and hold 10 crystals. If you die, crystals will be lost.
– Collision (single and double mode available): battle for survival in the style of the royal battle. Collect amps for your fighter. Play solo or with a friend and try to survive in this crazy battle of survival. The winner gets it all!
– Reward for capture (3 on 3): defeat opponents to earn stars, but do not let them get yourself. The team with more stars will win!
– Robbery (3 to 3): try to break into the safe of the enemy team, while remembering to defend your own. Examine the map and make your way to the enemy’s treasures by stealth or sweeping away everything in its path.
– Bowlball (3 on 3): a whole new game! Show your football skills: the team that scored 2 goals first will win. A game without red cards.
– Special events: time-limited battle modes with bots and other players.

Collect and improve fighters with incredible superpowers, increase their level with the help of strength points and collect unique skins.

Prove that you are the best fighter by increasing your rating in local and global leaderboards!

Expect the appearance of new fighters, skins, maps, special events and game modes in the future.

ATTENTION! You can download Brawl Stars and play it for free, but some game items sell for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please disable the in-app purchases in the settings of your device. In accordance with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, only users over 13 years old can download and play Brawl Stars.

– 3 on 3 battles in real time with players from all over the world.
– Created specifically for mobile platforms, a quick battle for survival in multiplayer mode.
– All the fighters that can be opened in the game have a unique attack technique and the special SUPER ability.
– New events and game modes every day.
– Battles solo and in team.
– Local and global leaderboards.
– Join a club or create your own to share tips with other players and participate in joint battles.
– Skins, opening which you can change the appearance of the fighters.
– Cards created by players with new opportunities to improve skill.

Having a problem? Visit http://supercell.helpshift.com/a/brawl-stars/ (information in English) or contact us through the “Help and Support” section in the game settings.

Minecraft Trial


Minecraft is a game without borders where you choose your own adventures.

Pixel Mosaic bow and Arrow set of plastic assembled set of children’s toy game

Trial version of Minecraft trial

Demo – version of Minecraft trial is provided to owners of android operating system absolutely free of charge. You will have 90 minutes to get acquainted with the world bestseller that won the hearts of players around the world. In the demo you can set the skins of Steve or Alex, change the nickname, choose a language, create a game world (only an infinite world is available), come up with a name for it. The mode can be selected only one – survival. Storage, servers, generation keys, cheats and creative mode in the trial version are not available. As in the full version, you will be able to build a boundless world and feel truly free in it, and maybe even lonely, but the creator is definitely a creator. You can design in the created world one more world. When buying a paid version of the world created in the demo, will not be available.

At the beginning of the game you get into the constantly expanding desert, and with each new step it is presented to you in a new way. Or maybe you will find yourself in a desert forest or on an island. At some point you will feel lonely. It will seem that there is no one around. But at the most inopportune moment from the darkness, or from the water monsters and skeletons will start to attack you. What to do? Hide and run away. Caves are considered the most dangerous location in the game. Once you’ve lived your first night in Minecraft, you’ll find that you need to find the materials to live in and build it with passion. It will be a protection against mods. To maintain health, you will need food that can be obtained from plants or animals. You will start krafting basic necessities and weapons on the workbench. Over time, you will be able to build beautiful castles, sculptures and beautiful parks.

Minecraft has flat, endless and old worlds. The endless world has no end, the flat has an end, but there are no trees. In the old world, most of the objects are primitive.

In the survival mode you need to protect yourself from mobs and find food by any means, even if you have to break something. In the creative world you can fly and take all the objects without restrictions. Adventure mode is similar to survival mode, but it provides a map showing the location of objects, here you only need to collect and break is prohibited.

The main thing in Minecraft is the flight of fancy. Create on health!

Explore endless worlds * and build anything from simplest houses to grand castles. In this free, time-limited trial, you can play Minecraft in survival mode, creating weapons and armor to protect you from dangerous mobs. Create, explore and survive!

To use all the features of Minecraft, including the creative mode, the game on the network and much more, get the full version of the game at any time.

“SUPPORT: https://www.minecraft.net/help
MORE: https://www.minecraft.net/”
* Worlds from the trial version are not transferred to the full version of the game.

User reviews

CheerNichKa PlaySeptember 25, 20192203A good application to try minecraft, but there may not be enough time, it crashes. And people who put 1-2 stars for being small are a trial game to decide whether to buy! And if you want to play for free, try your luck by downloading the pirated version on any popular site, or throw …Read more

Konstantin AmbrazhevichOctober 4, 201937The game is exactly like the original Minecraft !!! AND WITHOUT PAID !!! The game is for me, but you ask – why 4? Because wherever you click – the download original button. By the way, 500+ rubles! And the limit is only 80 minutes, and that’s it! Game over !!! No, but not quite the game is over – you can walk, jump, kill yourself … But …Read more

manasha `September 12, 20195809Hello dear developers! A very good demo version, and 90 minutes is quite normal. Everything is fine, but I have such a request. Add a network game to the demo version. I really want to play with my sister, check and download from the Internet or buy a game for both 1058 rubles. I don’t want to. Hello mo …Read more

Anna GavrikovaSeptember 29, 2019958I have 3 minuses about the game 1) it’s not very convenient to manage 2) I can’t build a house because when I walk behind a tree (when it ends) and cut down a tree then the block of tree is just put on the ground when I walk 3) almost everything is closed because what you need to download for money minecraft so that everything is open …Read more

Tanya tanichSeptember 10, 2019446The game is cool, I created the world: built a house, made a bed, stove, boat, door, windows. I reached level 5 .. And when I want to break the block, I just click and that’s it, it doesn’t break, I can’t open the door, I can’t sleep, I can’t do anything, it’s only on the screen that I’ll find the tree to collect…Read more

Alexandra MortgageSeptember 11, 2019726Everything is great, but there are a few drawbacks. 1) The game starts to lag when everything is full of resources. 2) For survival, you begin to want to eat, but you cannot eat bread, for example. (It is not clear why!) In principle, I like everything, but I suggest the developers add to the game something from this real …Read more

Cool slimeSeptember 29, 201964The game is good. I played 1 time, everything is OK. But after 2 attempts from me, he began to fly out. I tried to reinstall – it does not help. Yes, and plus to everything there is no creativity and cheating on is impossible. According to this 4 stars.

Elizabeth ShSeptember 10, 20193459I’m upset (to put it mildly!) I have Minecraft uploaded to my tablet, they put SIM card on a new phone, and as a result, minecraft is free! And there you had to download it to get the full version! 1 ⭐ !!!! ONLY 1⭐ !!!

PRO100 DANYASeptember 24, 2019348The game is top! And people who write that “time has come up, 1 star” or “why is there a time counter” Lord people, this is a TRIAL version! Version for you to get acquainted with minecraft. If you want to play without time, then buy the full version for 529 rubles.

Anya KuznetsovaSeptember 24, 2019193This minecraft makes it clear that there is not only creative, but survival, in which it is more interesting than reading and taking all things from the creative mode of the game, in earlier versions there was also a lack of creative mode and everyone survived, rather than playing in creative mode.

FobosSeptember 30, 2019twentyWhat can I say? The bedrock version of minecraft is almost no different from PE, though the project is really good. It is of course still “damp”, but since it is a beta version – it does not count as a minus. A significant minus is that the creative game mode is paid. Better make this mode free …Read more

Words of Wonders: Word Crossword Jumper


Welcome to the world of 7 Wonders of Words of Wonders! This wonderful crossword puzzle game with elements of a jumper allows you to not only improve the supply of words and their spelling, but also travel, cross the globe, look for hidden secrets of 7 wonders. Find words combine letters in 7 wonders and increase your stock of words stock.

If you like intelligent games, you won’t find a puzzle better than Words of Wonders! The developers of the game tried their best to bring together the most interesting intellectual modes, where you have to connect your ingenuity and knowledge to the fullest extent!
Plot and control

The essence of the game is to make up the words of the proposed letters. Correctly guessed words fill the cells crossword puzzle, and additionally composed by you words go to the tab “Additional”. With the solved additional words you can increase your virtual capital. There is a mode for beginners, which provides access to advanced functionality. Having collected all the puzzles from the words and solving the crossword puzzle, the user will be rewarded with emerald crystals, which will be useful for unlocking the next levels and tips.
Features of the game

The gameplay is simple, but the game is delayed. Tables of crossword puzzles appear on the background of images with all the known sights, such as: Pisa Tower, Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, knightly castles, etc.
As each level is passed, the complexity of words increases. Tips and chaotic mixing of letters will help. Each hint will cost you a few crystals. One hint can only open one letter, so it is worth considering how to use them.

Words of Wonders is compatible with any Android-based smartphone. The game will certainly please all connoisseurs of logic and will be a great choice for a pleasant leisure time. With Words of Wonders you can discover the fascinating world of 7 wonders of the world and unravel all its secrets!

At the beginning of the word game with the elements of the WOW jumper, you will be given some letters and one hint. You have to brainwash to write and come up with new words, and then solve the crossword with their help. Do you think you can find the right word? Or at least guess? Sometimes the answer will come to you right away, another time you will have to make a lot of efforts to solve difficult puzzles at each level. The secret of perfect entertainment is simple with the WOW game – develop, increase your vocabulary, improve spelling, solve puzzles, learn and try to combine letters. Crossing the world is not easy, but new miracles await you.

Compose words, discover miracles, collect intricate crossword puzzles in pieces and go travel all over the world to solve every crossword puzzle, every puzzle and cope with every challenge arising in your way. Try to combine letters in a word, check the spelling and put the puzzle together – a new country and 7 wonders are waiting for you! What could be better than looking for miracles, writing down and learning new words while exploring the world? Learn how to combine letters in a crossword puzzle and create the perfect word for a crossword puzzle.

What strategy will you follow? Try to complete the puzzle or try to guess one word of the crossword puzzle after another? Which city will you choose next? In this wonderful game you can combine letters into words and solve a crossword puzzle in each of them! Begin to cross the world in search of 7 miracles and look for new miracles.


How many words can you make? Do you think it’s enough to know the alphabet for success? Of course not! You have to study, study and study again! A crossword puzzle is not so easy to solve, you need a sufficient supply of words. In this word game with elements of a jumper, you have to combine the letters in the right combination and cross the world to make a word and solve all the puzzles.


This game is reminiscent of sudoku, but instead of numbers there are letters that need to be combined into a word. To solve the crossword puzzle, you will have to use all your skills. Improve your literacy and vocabulary with WOW. Not a single riddle of this game will leave you indifferent and you will be able to cross the world and discover new wonders.


Embark on a journey, rush to find adventures and visit 7 wonders of the world! Use your knowledge of them, and miracles will reveal their secrets to you. Each classic monument is unique, and a certain letter and word is associated with it. You will not only replenish your vocabulary, but also find out how beautiful our world is! Find hidden offers and solve all puzzles! Try this delicious crossword puzzle of words, you will not regret it!


The word game with elements of the Word Of Wonders (WOW) jumper checks your word stock to the fullest. You are waiting for difficult levels and real miracles! Go to the first miracle and get to the very top. Each of the 7 wonders is unique and will be more difficult than the previous one thanks to an extensive database. Try to combine letters in a word without lifting your finger from the screen, and look for every word hidden on the level!

Enjoy a simple but addictive game in which various levels and puzzles await you. Each intricate puzzle, each level and every match will bring you a lot of fun!

Words Of Wonders (WOW) is an amazing word game from Wordz authors. Do not miss your chance to embark on an unforgettable adventure! Find words combine letters in 7 wonders and increase your vocabulary!

Chronicles of Chaos


Sometimes you want to distract yourself from the routine and go into a beautiful fantasy world. Well, now it’s easy to do. Immerse yourself in the magical world of the Dominion with the game Chronicle of Chaos!

Which game will be interesting without an unusual, exciting storyline? In ancient times, the magical lands of the Dominion were cultivated, prospered, people lived on them joyfully and well. But any happiness, unfortunately, comes to an end!

The army of the evil Archidemon came and completely mercilessly seized the Dominion. So came the darkest times! The Archimandrite became famous for his terrible strength and ruthlessness. It is not easy to defeat him. But you can be a hero, right? It’s time to take part in the battle for the Dominion!

And you are not the only hero. There will be a lot of them. Gather an army of heroes and improve their skills to make them absolutely irresistible! Your mission now is to cleanse the Dominion from the forces of evil, and so return prosperity and joy. Faithful and good army will gladly help to become worthy of victory!

In the game “Chronicles of Chaos” you are waiting for you:

dozens of heroes with absolutely unique abilities;
Heroes can be strengthened by pumping new skills;
campaigns, adventures, where you can experience a lot of incredible things;
The victory over the bosses to adopt their power;
unique thematic events, periodically created by the developers and giving the opportunity to win new rare items;
Battles in the Arena with other players;
the possibility to search for allies and to join them for the sake of joint victories!

The Chronicles of Chaos is one of the best games in the genre, and you can prove what you can do! Become a legend in it now!

The game is extremely convenient to play, because it is for mobile devices. With the help of a smartphone, you can do it at home and at work. Combining pleasant with useful, tiresome routine with fascinating gameplay. Thus, you will always have the opportunity to relax in the fantasy world before solving important problems, which can not be overestimated at the pace of the XXI century!

Important: For a comfortable game it will be better to use mobile devices with at least 2 GB of RAM.

Once upon a time, the magical lands of the Dominion developed and prospered, and people lived a serene life and were happy. Until the merciless army of Archdemon captured the Dominion, then a dark period began in the history of this world. The archdemon is known for his uncompromising cruelty and tremendous strength, so it is so difficult to defeat him. It’s time to save the Dominion!

Gather an army of powerful heroes, develop their skills to make them invincible! Now your mission is to cleanse the lands of the Dominion from evil forces, returning joy and prosperity to them. Your loyal army will help you with this.

★ Dozens of heroes with unique abilities;
★ Train your heroes and develop their new skills;
★ Take part in cool campaigns and adventures;
★ Defeat bosses to gain their strength;
★ Participate in thematic events and get rare items as a reward;
★ Fight in the Arena with other players;
★ Find allies and unite in brotherhoods to win together!

Prove what you are capable of! Become a legend in the world of Chaos Chronicles now!

We recommend using a mobile device with 2+ gigabytes of RAM for a comfortable game!