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Infinitode 2 – Infinite Tower Defense (TD)


An interesting game with a beautiful, well-drawn design and a pleasant sound design. In the game you need to build towers to withstand the onslaught of enemies. The game is synchronized with the computer and other devices.

Bright, simple and fast graphics – the main highlight of this game. It allows new levels to quickly download to any device, even at low Internet speed. At the same time, this graphics does not get tired of for a long time.
More than 12 different types of towers, more than 40 different levels and tasks make the game diverse and exciting.
In the game at the moment there are more than 300 different quests and their number is regularly increased. Developers have tried to make each level interesting and individual.
Experience gained in the game allows you to significantly improve targeting strategies and other game skills at the following levels.
At each level you can win useful trophies and get on the leaderboard. Slow, payment-independent pumping makes the game interesting for a long time.
A small amount of advertising is not annoying.
It is possible to unlock all levels of the game for free.
In this game you can customize the playlist according to your preferences. Music melodies are stored on maps. Save tracks to your playlist and share them with other players.
This game can be played both offline and online. All levels are saved during the game. Players can start the game from where they stopped.
After passing all levels, it is possible to open the game in developer mode.

Ancient Planet Tower Defense Offline


Ancient Planet Tower Defense Offline is ideal for gamers who are close to ancient civilizations and alien invaders. In this game you will need to protect the galaxy from enemy invasion and use the entire arsenal of ancient warrior capabilities.

The game has the following features:

Built on the classic Tower Defense system;
has 40 unique levels;
allows you to freely build towers in the field;
A large selection of enemies with different features;
The ability to improve the towers and other attributes of the game;
The ability to change and improve tactics and strategy;
The ability to reset and redistribute crystals during the game;
Authentic design, graphics and realistic character voices;

In the course of the game, the participant earns coins and can purchase weapons and other attributes of a warrior, which will help to fight against enemies. The prototype of the game is the Supreme Council of Reasonable Civilizations of the Galaxy. The game is very popular with fans of intergalactic adventures, those who watch films on this topic and read fantastic books. Another pleasant bonus of the game is the galactic energy drink “Uluchshaiser”, which includes rocket fuel. This unique potion helps the fighter to mobilize and improve his skills.

This game can be played online or downloaded to a PC, smartphone or tablet. The game supports the Android operating system, is quickly loaded, installed and does not take up much memory.

Kingdom Rush Origins


Kingdom Rush Origins is a fascinating strategy in the form of a so-called defense tower. The game has received numerous positive reviews and several prestigious awards. Suffice it to say that Apple, IGN, GameInformer and many others have noted the game.
This is the third game of the famous series and the fans of the first two parts will definitely like it. Something in this game will seem familiar, but in general it will have to be mastered anew, because, although many heroes and similar to the old, quests and storylines are different.
According to the game scenario, your kingdom is threatened by the mighty Wesnan, an evil genius who has gathered an army of evil creatures against your peaceful kingdom: so-called wild gnolls, evil and powerful sorcerers, flying poisonous snakes. New items, spells and, of course, the main attributes of the game – reliable combat towers – will help you to fight this evil one. The basis of your army will be made up of so-called stone druids, as well as mystics (magicians), archers and elven infantry. Unfortunately, as in any other army, infantry dies first and is poorly protected from enemy attacks. But that’s life, someone has to die on the battlefield… You will have to make difficult decisions on staffing and arming the troops.
The developers decided to leave some of the findings and solutions, which were fond of the past series of the game, and added new characters and items to it. As far as it was possible, judge you. Those who have already downloaded the game (and there are hundreds of thousands of them) are generally satisfied with the game, and the comments are insignificant.
This game has eight new improvements and sixteen abilities. For example, you can destroy enemies with hand bears. On your side fight wizards and even lively reasonable battle trees.
Thirty new enemies have been added to increase your spectacularity. It’s possible to call on nine legendary heroes to cast spells and crush even the most powerful enemies. The game has three difficulty modes: it will allow even beginners to enjoy the process.

Idle Miner Tycoon – Lazy tycoon


Idle Miner Tycoon offers you to try your hand at managing your business. It is a fun and interesting arcade where you will be the owner of the mines. Under your supervision there will be several employees who will work on gold mining.

With this toy you will be able to have a good time in your spare time, as well as check how well you have a business acumen and will understand whether you have the ability of a leader.

To get to the most valuable resources, you need to work well, so hire experienced managers. They will help to reduce the cost of production, speed up the movement of workers and the development of useful resources. Doing business right will give you the most valuable mine!

If you get to the remains of dinosaurs and the Earth’s core, it’s time to move to another part of the world. You will also be able to go on interesting expeditions, for which there are good rewards: the most valuable resources!
Features Idle Miner:

Well thought out investments - a contribution to the future without misfortunes;
Automation of mine operations;
the ability to extract 15 different resources;
Hire qualified personnel;
Withdraw cream and make money.

The arcade is constantly updated and improved. We promise, it will not be boring precisely! Among the updated functions are present:

extra time for supernal;
notifications about available skills and their acquisition.

Start playing Idle Miner Tycoon today, think carefully about your investments, set up an uninterrupted mining system and become the richest man in the world!

Kingdom Rush


The famous action game “Kingdom Rush” is a real find for those who want to fight the formidable orcs, treacherous trolls, treacherous sorcerers and other representatives of the dark forces! You’ll travel through forests, towers, mountains and deserts, defending your fortress from enemy encroachments and periodically changing your defense tactics. You will have your own army of warriors, which you choose to protect your own fortress.

The game has a number of features:

the presence of elite structures for the defense;
the ability to create real animated battles;
A variety of characters: trolls, orcs, magicians, barbarians, archers;
8 modes to improve the tower, more than 18 options to improve the structure;
More than 50 types of enemies, including the most insidious ones - mountain trolls;
9 heroes with different abilities and advantages;
The ability to play as long as possible, the number of achievements in the game - more than 60;
additional game modes, which will help to take revenge in a difficult situation;
High level of animation and sound;
Availability of an encyclopedia with a detailed description of the characteristics of towers and enemies;

The game can be downloaded to a tablet or smartphone that supports Android. The game is completely captivating and immerses in an unrealistic mystical world with its exciting battles, and the ability to read in detail about the peculiarities of locations and enemy characters will help the beginner to get used to and learn the rules of the game. You can download the game from Google Play, it is quickly installed and does not take up much memory.

Boxing star


The game “Boxing Star” was created especially for those who want to fight with a strong opponent and effectively send him to the knockout, without leaving their cozy room! You will have all the attributes of a boxer: real boxing gloves, a ring, a crowd of spectators roaring in ecstasy. Here you will practice the most powerful blows and techniques that will help you to send even the fiercest opponent to the knockout and become the absolute winner of the competition!

The game offers the following options:

Slope to leave the line of attack, so that the participant can dodge and respond to the opponent counterattack;
Training mode, so you can learn how to fight and get into the ring as a trained fighter;
Getting to know the most colorful characters from the boxing world;
The ability to collect gloves and other boxer attributes to develop your own fighting style;
the ability to fight other players in League mode;
the ability to earn points and spend them on buying steep houses, cars and other valuables;

The game is characterized by realistic graphics and sound, so you will instantly feel like a full participant in battles. The variety of modes and the ability to train gives confidence even to the novice player of this genre. In this game you can play as online as well as download it for your smartphone or tablet to play at any time and in any place. The game supports the Android operating system and any Windows system on your computer, quickly downloads and is easy to install.

South Park: Mobile Destroyer


Because of the large number of available games and pulls to play something unusual, not like anything else. Very good and correct, if you want to, because this game for mobile devices gives you this opportunity!

The game “Mobile Destroyer” fully corresponds to its name, but don’t worry – in reality your device is safe. But in the game you have to accept the fate and… With pleasure to break phones!

Meet this extraordinary strategy in a fast time with accelerated battles! You have never seen anything like it! Kenny, Stan, Kyle, Cartman without exaggeration are ready to present the real virtual lawlessness! Familiar characters from South Park are completely different in this game Phone Destroyer – the destroyer of phones! However, they are still the same crazy! Bright PvP-boys, to the joy of fans of the animated series, are supported by the branded humor of its characters. And also in the game there are collection cards.

This game is able to deliver a more thrilling experience than any Chilean sauce!

Your team will be bright and unusual, and, most importantly, unique! Destroy mobile phones and defeat your opponents by gathering the best team of wizards, cowboys, cybernetic heroes and so on!

This game is a brand new “South Park”, like the famous heroes will open up quite differently! You are waiting for a cowboy Stan the Thousand Moon, the Greatest Magician and Wizard Cartman, cyborg Kenny … Yes, it is better to see it once than to hear it 100 times! And all this will be glad to participate in fascinating battles in real time under your control right now. Immerse yourself in the funny story of single-player, which was developed by the official creators of South Park! Earn new sets of maps, thus constantly improving the efficiency of your team! There are more than 110 unusual maps with your favorite characters and absolutely magnificent spells! You can also improve your decks by exchanging them with other players. But you can also do it alone. It’s as convenient as it gets for you!

Each week, new events occur and challenge new enemies, the rules of battle are constantly changing. AND YOU ARE READY TO BREAK THEIR MOBILE PHONE? Go ahead!

And, of course, don’t forget to dress up in new skins!

WWE Champions 2019


WWE Champions 2019 is an exciting role-playing game for mobile devices, which in a short time became the most downloadable game in the series, as well as the winner of the audience vote and the winner of the Webby Awards.

There are plenty of exciting events in PvP, where you will be very pleased to participate in the new graphics.

Choose one of several hundred superstars and take part in the battle for the title.

You can collect medals, belts, and new titles in the game, each of which can be changed and improved. Thousands of possible combinations! The title will give the superstar under your control the opportunity to win the match.

And matches have an improved selection of players from all over the world. The in-game shop allows you to buy unique prizes and awards. Men’s, women’s and mixed tournaments take place at once.

Real greatest stars such as Becky Lynch, Randy Savage and so on are selected for the game. Wrap them all up or win with confidence!

Earn experience points, improve your teamwork and learn what your opponents can do. RPG gameplay helps to combine different skills. But to win, you’ll need to think strategically first! Choose the superstars that are stronger against your opponent.

Developers incredibly carefully and well support and update the game. So, in-game competitions in it are periodically updated to match the schedule of broadcasts.

Don’t want or can’t fight alone – join the group! Performing special tasks will give you additional bonuses.

In this exciting game you can win a lot of different ways, and which of them to choose – depends only on you! One thing is certain – you won’t be bored here, especially if you like to win not only with your fists, but with your brains as well!

First, you can use the game for free for 7 days to evaluate its quality, then you will have to pay a little bit. For those who like it very much, an exclusive VIP subscription will help, giving you access to new unique content!

PvPets: Tank Battle Royale


The battle of tanks is an extremely exciting and cruel genre, and that’s what PvPets: Tank Battle Royale offers you!

Fight in a brutal battle of many skillful players on the tanks! Free game number 1 in this genre. Great online battle with players all over the world!
Are you ready for a war for real madmen?

Formally, this game is absolutely free, but there are intra-game purchases, allowing you to improve the efficiency of the tank faster. Attention – do not show the game to children, or they will spend money on your credit card, and even beat a personal record!

Choose an animal, put it in a worn-out tank and become a fighter of PvP-battles online. Fight 20 players in a fast PvP battle for 3 minutes. Open and upgrade new tanks with a unique skill set. Be the best and take the first line of the leaderboard!

Win epic battles, where you can fight up to twenty players at a time! This is a fun and easy to learn children’s game – the best in the genre of tank shooting! Experience the joy of being in a colorful pixel world. Track the enemy as a sniper or fight in close combat: each tank has its own style of play. Funny but deadly – pump your favorite tank to the maximum! Seek to defeat the enemies to become more and more powerful in battle!
Download the game and try to survive in the world of “PvPets: Tank Battle Royale!

There are many different animals in the game – bears, lions, tigers. It’s funny until they start shooting at you! Nothing, however, will prevent you from answering the same question fairly!

Collect the improvements on the battlefields – and your chances of winning will be much greater! Perform tasks and get a lot of awards. The replicability of the game significantly increases the fact that for the victory you get new skins for your tanks!

This tank shooter continues to live and exist, constantly updated and replenishing the ranks of players. If you are looking for a place to spend time in your pleasure and without strain, you can congratulate you on the right choice! You won’t be bored!



Who doesn’t know the modern and fascinating game of PUBG survival, which has earned great popularity among many players?

The essence of the game is very simple – you land on the range and have to survive yourself and kill many enemies in all available ways!

Unfortunately, this wonderful game had a significant drawback – the system requirements did not allow everyone to play it without problems. However, the situation is improving, because now there is a mobile version!

Fight and compete! Survive the epic battle among 100 players in the classic mode, in the Payload mode, in 4-4-speed team battles and zombie modes. The main thing is saved. The best winner! The main thing – do not forget to shoot!

Absolutely free for your mobile using Unreal Engine 4 engine. Play where you want – at least right on the road somewhere! Stunning HD-images and 3D-audio. Features: precise phone control, training modes, voice chat. Appropriate controls, true innovations and weapon characteristics. Similar in capabilities and quality of the game you just can not find on mobile devices!

Fight on the main battlefields of Erangel, Miramar, Vickendi and Sanook in different sizes, with different weather conditions and different terrain. Learn the secrets of each card and use them to win!

Analysis and DESIGNIFICATION – A unique battle for 100 players, an interesting Payload, the fastest Arcade mode and Deadmatch mode from 4 to 4, stunning zombie modes. There is something for everyone! Play alone, with a partner or in a group of 4 players. Shoot as much as you want! Be a single player or a member of a clan, performing your role when you need help! There are first-person and third-person modes. There is a huge fleet of vehicles for different types of terrain and countless realistic weapons! Are you ready for the most serious battles in your life?

  • Requires a permanent connection to the Internet.
  • Required system requirements PUBG MOBILE: Android 5.1.1 or higher with 2 GB RAM. For other devices it is recommended to use PUBG MOBILE LITE.