WWE Champions 2019


WWE Champions 2019 is an exciting role-playing game for mobile devices, which in a short time became the most downloadable game in the series, as well as the winner of the audience vote and the winner of the Webby Awards.

There are plenty of exciting events in PvP, where you will be very pleased to participate in the new graphics.

Choose one of several hundred superstars and take part in the battle for the title.

You can collect medals, belts, and new titles in the game, each of which can be changed and improved. Thousands of possible combinations! The title will give the superstar under your control the opportunity to win the match.

And matches have an improved selection of players from all over the world. The in-game shop allows you to buy unique prizes and awards. Men’s, women’s and mixed tournaments take place at once.

Real greatest stars such as Becky Lynch, Randy Savage and so on are selected for the game. Wrap them all up or win with confidence!

Earn experience points, improve your teamwork and learn what your opponents can do. RPG gameplay helps to combine different skills. But to win, you’ll need to think strategically first! Choose the superstars that are stronger against your opponent.

Developers incredibly carefully and well support and update the game. So, in-game competitions in it are periodically updated to match the schedule of broadcasts.

Don’t want or can’t fight alone – join the group! Performing special tasks will give you additional bonuses.

In this exciting game you can win a lot of different ways, and which of them to choose – depends only on you! One thing is certain – you won’t be bored here, especially if you like to win not only with your fists, but with your brains as well!

First, you can use the game for free for 7 days to evaluate its quality, then you will have to pay a little bit. For those who like it very much, an exclusive VIP subscription will help, giving you access to new unique content!