South Park: Mobile Destroyer


Because of the large number of available games and pulls to play something unusual, not like anything else. Very good and correct, if you want to, because this game for mobile devices gives you this opportunity!

The game “Mobile Destroyer” fully corresponds to its name, but don’t worry – in reality your device is safe. But in the game you have to accept the fate and… With pleasure to break phones!

Meet this extraordinary strategy in a fast time with accelerated battles! You have never seen anything like it! Kenny, Stan, Kyle, Cartman without exaggeration are ready to present the real virtual lawlessness! Familiar characters from South Park are completely different in this game Phone Destroyer – the destroyer of phones! However, they are still the same crazy! Bright PvP-boys, to the joy of fans of the animated series, are supported by the branded humor of its characters. And also in the game there are collection cards.

This game is able to deliver a more thrilling experience than any Chilean sauce!

Your team will be bright and unusual, and, most importantly, unique! Destroy mobile phones and defeat your opponents by gathering the best team of wizards, cowboys, cybernetic heroes and so on!

This game is a brand new “South Park”, like the famous heroes will open up quite differently! You are waiting for a cowboy Stan the Thousand Moon, the Greatest Magician and Wizard Cartman, cyborg Kenny … Yes, it is better to see it once than to hear it 100 times! And all this will be glad to participate in fascinating battles in real time under your control right now. Immerse yourself in the funny story of single-player, which was developed by the official creators of South Park! Earn new sets of maps, thus constantly improving the efficiency of your team! There are more than 110 unusual maps with your favorite characters and absolutely magnificent spells! You can also improve your decks by exchanging them with other players. But you can also do it alone. It’s as convenient as it gets for you!

Each week, new events occur and challenge new enemies, the rules of battle are constantly changing. AND YOU ARE READY TO BREAK THEIR MOBILE PHONE? Go ahead!

And, of course, don’t forget to dress up in new skins!