Saying Tom: The chase of heroes


Saying Tom: The chase of heroes is one of the most fun, exciting, funny and endless wounds in Google Play!

Endless wounds are good because they allow you to relax, constantly having fun and passing them over and over again, just enjoying the beautiful graphics and cartoon view of the characters. Children can’t help but love them at a glance, while adults will be happy to plunge into childhood!

Yes, superheroes can be all! Speaking Angela, Speaking Tom and other supercharacters of this wonderful game – each of them has a unique super-power, which is allowed to use directly on the run! And players can also try to use their special, ultramodern devices!

Everyone chooses how much and how to dive into the game. You can just run, run, run for your pleasure, collecting gold coins and overcoming obstacles, and you can, if you want to get additional prizes and improve the game account, beat bad raccoons! And what are the bad raccoons? They are terrorists, including environmental terrorists. They destroy and pollute the world. So if you really want to participate fully in the game – be sure to chase away the villains, all restore and clean up! That’s when you’ll be real superheroes, albeit cartoon characters!

The game will certainly please you with a lot of amazing worlds. You can run and fight raccoons in the skyscrapers, on the beaches in the tropics, in Chinese villages, in mystical temples of the desert. But each world is not just a set of beautiful scenery, they differ and obstacles. You’ll enjoy jumping from the roof to the roof, rocking on cranes and avoiding swimming pools on ships! And what is most important, the management of this business is intuitive and very convenient.

The game will not get tired, because, besides the fact that its gameplay itself attracts, later you will open new superhero costumes and refresh your impressions. And in addition, you will be pleased with the awards for the performance of special tasks. The game is deservedly among the best action games of 2019 – it has almost no drawbacks!