PvPets: Tank Battle Royale


The battle of tanks is an extremely exciting and cruel genre, and that’s what PvPets: Tank Battle Royale offers you!

Fight in a brutal battle of many skillful players on the tanks! Free game number 1 in this genre. Great online battle with players all over the world!
Are you ready for a war for real madmen?

Formally, this game is absolutely free, but there are intra-game purchases, allowing you to improve the efficiency of the tank faster. Attention – do not show the game to children, or they will spend money on your credit card, and even beat a personal record!

Choose an animal, put it in a worn-out tank and become a fighter of PvP-battles online. Fight 20 players in a fast PvP battle for 3 minutes. Open and upgrade new tanks with a unique skill set. Be the best and take the first line of the leaderboard!

Win epic battles, where you can fight up to twenty players at a time! This is a fun and easy to learn children’s game – the best in the genre of tank shooting! Experience the joy of being in a colorful pixel world. Track the enemy as a sniper or fight in close combat: each tank has its own style of play. Funny but deadly – pump your favorite tank to the maximum! Seek to defeat the enemies to become more and more powerful in battle!
Download the game and try to survive in the world of “PvPets: Tank Battle Royale!

There are many different animals in the game – bears, lions, tigers. It’s funny until they start shooting at you! Nothing, however, will prevent you from answering the same question fairly!

Collect the improvements on the battlefields – and your chances of winning will be much greater! Perform tasks and get a lot of awards. The replicability of the game significantly increases the fact that for the victory you get new skins for your tanks!

This tank shooter continues to live and exist, constantly updated and replenishing the ranks of players. If you are looking for a place to spend time in your pleasure and without strain, you can congratulate you on the right choice! You won’t be bored!