Kingdom Rush


The famous action game “Kingdom Rush” is a real find for those who want to fight the formidable orcs, treacherous trolls, treacherous sorcerers and other representatives of the dark forces! You’ll travel through forests, towers, mountains and deserts, defending your fortress from enemy encroachments and periodically changing your defense tactics. You will have your own army of warriors, which you choose to protect your own fortress.

The game has a number of features:

the presence of elite structures for the defense;
the ability to create real animated battles;
A variety of characters: trolls, orcs, magicians, barbarians, archers;
8 modes to improve the tower, more than 18 options to improve the structure;
More than 50 types of enemies, including the most insidious ones - mountain trolls;
9 heroes with different abilities and advantages;
The ability to play as long as possible, the number of achievements in the game - more than 60;
additional game modes, which will help to take revenge in a difficult situation;
High level of animation and sound;
Availability of an encyclopedia with a detailed description of the characteristics of towers and enemies;

The game can be downloaded to a tablet or smartphone that supports Android. The game is completely captivating and immerses in an unrealistic mystical world with its exciting battles, and the ability to read in detail about the peculiarities of locations and enemy characters will help the beginner to get used to and learn the rules of the game. You can download the game from Google Play, it is quickly installed and does not take up much memory.