Kingdom Rush Origins


Kingdom Rush Origins is a fascinating strategy in the form of a so-called defense tower. The game has received numerous positive reviews and several prestigious awards. Suffice it to say that Apple, IGN, GameInformer and many others have noted the game.
This is the third game of the famous series and the fans of the first two parts will definitely like it. Something in this game will seem familiar, but in general it will have to be mastered anew, because, although many heroes and similar to the old, quests and storylines are different.
According to the game scenario, your kingdom is threatened by the mighty Wesnan, an evil genius who has gathered an army of evil creatures against your peaceful kingdom: so-called wild gnolls, evil and powerful sorcerers, flying poisonous snakes. New items, spells and, of course, the main attributes of the game – reliable combat towers – will help you to fight this evil one. The basis of your army will be made up of so-called stone druids, as well as mystics (magicians), archers and elven infantry. Unfortunately, as in any other army, infantry dies first and is poorly protected from enemy attacks. But that’s life, someone has to die on the battlefield… You will have to make difficult decisions on staffing and arming the troops.
The developers decided to leave some of the findings and solutions, which were fond of the past series of the game, and added new characters and items to it. As far as it was possible, judge you. Those who have already downloaded the game (and there are hundreds of thousands of them) are generally satisfied with the game, and the comments are insignificant.
This game has eight new improvements and sixteen abilities. For example, you can destroy enemies with hand bears. On your side fight wizards and even lively reasonable battle trees.
Thirty new enemies have been added to increase your spectacularity. It’s possible to call on nine legendary heroes to cast spells and crush even the most powerful enemies. The game has three difficulty modes: it will allow even beginners to enjoy the process.