Kingdom Rush Frontiers


Google Play continues to delight users with great apps with bright graphics and exciting gameplay. A very good example of such a game is Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. It offers an incredibly fast, exciting gameplay, known since the previous game in the series, but here it is very well developed! Command your troops in exciting battles, protecting mysterious lands from terrible monsters – cannibals, dragons, creepy creators of dungeons – and you’ll have a great time!

And how do you defend yourself? This game belongs to the Tower Defense genre, so you just use different towers to effectively fight against monsters. But that doesn’t mean it’s primitive. Even the previous game in the series was a joyful one with a lot of different towers and the need to be able to find a way to defeat each monster separately. Against some monsters are good other towers, against others – the other – and it is important to combine them properly. And in addition, there are new towers and monsters, so the gameplay is now even more exciting!

You won’t be bored with the levels either. You’ll have to defend yourself in the jungle, deserts and even underground worlds! And also, to defend yourself, you will be helped by eleven legendary heroes. Of the most terrible monsters – black dragon.

Variety of the game – not its only advantage. Beautiful, pleasant to the eye and the child, and adult graphics immediately plunges into the atmosphere and makes you want to play again and again, especially since the meaning of the game is intuitively clear, and the rest will help to solve the in-game tips, in particular, the game has a whole encyclopedia!

For long hours of play you will earn more than 70 achievements. It has modes of heroic, iron, classical testing.

Recent Halloween update added 3 more levels, 9 more opponents, 5 more achievements, 2 more heroes and new moonlight mechanics to the game! Have fun and enjoy!

This game has received public recognition – its rating almost never falls below 4.5 on a five-point scale. It’s worth a try!