Iron Marines


The creators of the famous Kingdom Rush game offer to enjoy another wonderful game – an extraordinary journey with battles in space! This exciting real-time strategy will lead you to amazing unexplored planets. Interesting game, great graphics and light humor. Brave warriors, powerful mechanics and aliens are ready to go to war under your command!

Hire and train the strongest heroes in the Galaxy, use them for the hardest work – uncover their strengths, weaknesses and unique abilities. Change your war strategy right in the middle: instruct the Rangers to take sniper rifles and flamethrowers to take control of the rocket launchers. Change the course of the war, drop bombs accurately, lay mines and set them carefully, let all kinds of weapons just sparkle!

Robotic army, crashed ships, giant monsters, unknown race, daring attack and sabotage … The galaxy needs you, captain.

Galaxy needs an iron hand, a good commander!

Bring your forces to victory in 21 campaigns in three different universes. Attack the territory and defend those that have already captured, rescue civilians, hack into systems and perform other heroic actions. Use different tactics and tricks.

Perform 17 specific tasks: the rules will always change, and the opponents will be smarter. New moves are a new challenge, and the scars confirm it. We believe you!

Try to pass the game at the level of difficulty “Impossible”. For the coolest players. You are one of them, aren’t you, boss?

Defeat the big bosses. They are very angry, they are very big and want to kill you. But you fought and not with such bosses, right?

There are more than forty different improvements in the game – think about your tactics, arm the soldiers with special protective drones, napalm grenades and anything else.

Fourteen heroes with unique abilities can be commanded. Or train them to make real killing machines, or you can try to experiment with them… if you are not afraid, of course!

The game has more than 70 achievements and a sea of awards!

8 special super weapons!

Beginner, Fighter or Veteran – any difficulty for your taste!

Haven’t you tried it yet? Be sure to join the battle – and you will not be able to lose yourself!