Homescapes is an interesting multi-level puzzle game

To pass the level, you will not only need to collect fruit, but also to apply skills such as wit and ingenuity. Pleasant bonuses, family mystery solving, tangled combinations and dangerous elements await you!

The peculiarity of the game is its fascinating storyline. Everything starts with simple and simple tasks, after coping with which you will be rewarded with stars. Thanks to them, you will be able to buy new things for home improvement, make repairs, improve the landscape and build the house of your dreams!

Welcome to Austin’s family estate, where Olivia’s mother and father William live! Austin has been living alone for a long time, but one day he came to visit his family and saw a terrible picture: his beloved home was almost destroyed. “Everything needs to be repaired and restored,” thought Austin and decided to stay at his parents’ house to help them.

From the game can not just come off, I want to play more and more. To keep the intrigue until the last moment, the developers offer not only to collect fruit, transform the house, but also recommend to solve the mysteries of the family of the protagonist Austin. The game has a social network, which uses Austin. With its help, you can call and your friends to help.

If you think that it is easy and simple to pass the levels, we hurry to assure you that this is not the case! The game is often updated, and the number of levels is already approaching 1000.

Train your mental and creative abilities, overcoming obstacles on the way to the goal – the mansion of your dreams, with the game Homescapes. Download the game for free, without advertising or other spam.