Design Island


Design Island is a fascinating game of three-in-a-row android (like tetris). The essence of games of this genre is to group 3 or more elements of the same color and shape in a row horizontally or vertically. Then they disappear and you get points. Accordingly, the more matches, the better. In Design Island you will have to group red bows, yellow backpacks, pink hats, green pillows, red books and blue mittens. The bombshell is your loyal friend and assistant.

Design Island is a fabulous island, once stunning scenery and dazzling beauty of mansions. Only now the island has become abandoned. It is necessary to correct such misunderstanding urgently. Put order and beauty on the island. Renovate your villa to make it even more beautiful than it used to be. Let the whole world know about your mansion!

At the beginning of the game you are invited to the mansion by a nice woman. But sights such as beautiful furniture disappear and you should return them or buy them even more beautiful. Perform tasks and get stars. They give you coins for which you can buy anything you want. As you go through the game, you will discover new cottages, rooms, furniture, carpets, ornamental plants and other decorations to create your dream mansion. You will be able to discover the creative abilities of the designer and architect, creating new images of your villa. You will have the opportunity to get pets, meet and make friends with neighbors, as well as new game characters. You’ll have to perform certain tasks and assignments, and your rewards will be a bonus. Open new levels. Start an amazing journey right now!

Even the youngest users (from three years old) can play in Design Island. The game is colorful, attractive and simple. Develop yourself and develop your child’s abilities together with Design Island.