Boxing star


The game “Boxing Star” was created especially for those who want to fight with a strong opponent and effectively send him to the knockout, without leaving their cozy room! You will have all the attributes of a boxer: real boxing gloves, a ring, a crowd of spectators roaring in ecstasy. Here you will practice the most powerful blows and techniques that will help you to send even the fiercest opponent to the knockout and become the absolute winner of the competition!

The game offers the following options:

Slope to leave the line of attack, so that the participant can dodge and respond to the opponent counterattack;
Training mode, so you can learn how to fight and get into the ring as a trained fighter;
Getting to know the most colorful characters from the boxing world;
The ability to collect gloves and other boxer attributes to develop your own fighting style;
the ability to fight other players in League mode;
the ability to earn points and spend them on buying steep houses, cars and other valuables;

The game is characterized by realistic graphics and sound, so you will instantly feel like a full participant in battles. The variety of modes and the ability to train gives confidence even to the novice player of this genre. In this game you can play as online as well as download it for your smartphone or tablet to play at any time and in any place. The game supports the Android operating system and any Windows system on your computer, quickly downloads and is easy to install.