Ancient Planet Tower Defense Offline


Ancient Planet Tower Defense Offline is ideal for gamers who are close to ancient civilizations and alien invaders. In this game you will need to protect the galaxy from enemy invasion and use the entire arsenal of ancient warrior capabilities.

The game has the following features:

Built on the classic Tower Defense system;
has 40 unique levels;
allows you to freely build towers in the field;
A large selection of enemies with different features;
The ability to improve the towers and other attributes of the game;
The ability to change and improve tactics and strategy;
The ability to reset and redistribute crystals during the game;
Authentic design, graphics and realistic character voices;

In the course of the game, the participant earns coins and can purchase weapons and other attributes of a warrior, which will help to fight against enemies. The prototype of the game is the Supreme Council of Reasonable Civilizations of the Galaxy. The game is very popular with fans of intergalactic adventures, those who watch films on this topic and read fantastic books. Another pleasant bonus of the game is the galactic energy drink “Uluchshaiser”, which includes rocket fuel. This unique potion helps the fighter to mobilize and improve his skills.

This game can be played online or downloaded to a PC, smartphone or tablet. The game supports the Android operating system, is quickly loaded, installed and does not take up much memory.