Zooba: Animal Battle Game Free


Who will be the king of the zoo? Zooba – a unique Battle Royale game! Multiplayer / PvP; Play for free; Awesome shooting and fighting! Choose your animal, join us in this adventure and fight against your opponents in the best free Battle Royale game!

You’re in for some insanely interesting battles

Zooba: The battle of animals is a unique genre, incredibly cheerful and colorful, very dynamic. You can spend your leisure time in an environment full of elements of the real royal battle! In the game you can clearly see the elements of the real battle of animals that do not want to live in the boring silence of the zoo. Rebellious inhabitants are ready to do everything for the sake of their victory.

You can choose one of the 10 animal characters from evil gorilla to scum chameleon, and spend time in a fascinating battle against the same users. Only the victories will bring your character closer to the opportunity to become king of the zoo.
Aim for victory and defeat your opponents

If you guess with a weapon, choosing the most powerful, it will be easier to fight in a large multiplayer arena. You need to defeat your opponents and survive at any cost, as the winner of this interesting game can be only one of the participants.
Characteristic features of Zooba:

Daily rewards and gifts;
Communication and game clans;
The presence of obstacles in the arena;
modern gameplay;
3D graphics.

Buying glasses in the game, use them for additional weapons, unique abilities and the acquisition of very necessary items and colorful costumes, making of your character a formidable warrior. In the game Zooba: Battle of animals you will find stunning graphics, unique gameplay, comfortable control and interesting battles! All this can be done in free mode!

Zooba is a fun twist on a traditional battle. Get the best from MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and Battle Royale in a fight to become a zoo star! Shoot down your enemies and defeat them!

– Choose from 10+ characters: from the evil gorilla to the dastardly chameleon
– Fight in the arena for 20 players in the style of the Royal battle
– Collect several guns on the battlefield to become stronger and shoot your opponents
– Avoid falling into the hands of guards or fire in the arena
– Win prizes, equip your items and upgrade your heroes to become a star
– Play with friends in funny multiplayer modes
– Join the clan and meet other amazing players in the game
– Buy a battle pass, to access exclusive content and daily prizes
– Play for free!

Are you ready for this challenge? Only the best will win this fight and become the king of the zoo! Join this fight, track down your opponents and become a star!

Remember: Zooba is a unique Battle Royale game! Multiplayer / PvP; Play for free; Amazing shooting and fighting! Choose your animal, join us in this fun adventure and fight against opponents in the best free game Battle Royale!

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