Words of Wonders: Word Crossword Jumper


Welcome to the world of 7 Wonders of Words of Wonders! This wonderful crossword puzzle game with elements of a jumper allows you to not only improve the supply of words and their spelling, but also travel, cross the globe, look for hidden secrets of 7 wonders. Find words combine letters in 7 wonders and increase your stock of words stock.

If you like intelligent games, you won’t find a puzzle better than Words of Wonders! The developers of the game tried their best to bring together the most interesting intellectual modes, where you have to connect your ingenuity and knowledge to the fullest extent!
Plot and control

The essence of the game is to make up the words of the proposed letters. Correctly guessed words fill the cells crossword puzzle, and additionally composed by you words go to the tab “Additional”. With the solved additional words you can increase your virtual capital. There is a mode for beginners, which provides access to advanced functionality. Having collected all the puzzles from the words and solving the crossword puzzle, the user will be rewarded with emerald crystals, which will be useful for unlocking the next levels and tips.
Features of the game

The gameplay is simple, but the game is delayed. Tables of crossword puzzles appear on the background of images with all the known sights, such as: Pisa Tower, Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, knightly castles, etc.
As each level is passed, the complexity of words increases. Tips and chaotic mixing of letters will help. Each hint will cost you a few crystals. One hint can only open one letter, so it is worth considering how to use them.

Words of Wonders is compatible with any Android-based smartphone. The game will certainly please all connoisseurs of logic and will be a great choice for a pleasant leisure time. With Words of Wonders you can discover the fascinating world of 7 wonders of the world and unravel all its secrets!

At the beginning of the word game with the elements of the WOW jumper, you will be given some letters and one hint. You have to brainwash to write and come up with new words, and then solve the crossword with their help. Do you think you can find the right word? Or at least guess? Sometimes the answer will come to you right away, another time you will have to make a lot of efforts to solve difficult puzzles at each level. The secret of perfect entertainment is simple with the WOW game – develop, increase your vocabulary, improve spelling, solve puzzles, learn and try to combine letters. Crossing the world is not easy, but new miracles await you.

Compose words, discover miracles, collect intricate crossword puzzles in pieces and go travel all over the world to solve every crossword puzzle, every puzzle and cope with every challenge arising in your way. Try to combine letters in a word, check the spelling and put the puzzle together – a new country and 7 wonders are waiting for you! What could be better than looking for miracles, writing down and learning new words while exploring the world? Learn how to combine letters in a crossword puzzle and create the perfect word for a crossword puzzle.

What strategy will you follow? Try to complete the puzzle or try to guess one word of the crossword puzzle after another? Which city will you choose next? In this wonderful game you can combine letters into words and solve a crossword puzzle in each of them! Begin to cross the world in search of 7 miracles and look for new miracles.


How many words can you make? Do you think it’s enough to know the alphabet for success? Of course not! You have to study, study and study again! A crossword puzzle is not so easy to solve, you need a sufficient supply of words. In this word game with elements of a jumper, you have to combine the letters in the right combination and cross the world to make a word and solve all the puzzles.


This game is reminiscent of sudoku, but instead of numbers there are letters that need to be combined into a word. To solve the crossword puzzle, you will have to use all your skills. Improve your literacy and vocabulary with WOW. Not a single riddle of this game will leave you indifferent and you will be able to cross the world and discover new wonders.


Embark on a journey, rush to find adventures and visit 7 wonders of the world! Use your knowledge of them, and miracles will reveal their secrets to you. Each classic monument is unique, and a certain letter and word is associated with it. You will not only replenish your vocabulary, but also find out how beautiful our world is! Find hidden offers and solve all puzzles! Try this delicious crossword puzzle of words, you will not regret it!


The word game with elements of the Word Of Wonders (WOW) jumper checks your word stock to the fullest. You are waiting for difficult levels and real miracles! Go to the first miracle and get to the very top. Each of the 7 wonders is unique and will be more difficult than the previous one thanks to an extensive database. Try to combine letters in a word without lifting your finger from the screen, and look for every word hidden on the level!

Enjoy a simple but addictive game in which various levels and puzzles await you. Each intricate puzzle, each level and every match will bring you a lot of fun!

Words Of Wonders (WOW) is an amazing word game from Wordz authors. Do not miss your chance to embark on an unforgettable adventure! Find words combine letters in 7 wonders and increase your vocabulary!