Sand Balls


Make a path for your balls by moving your finger. Avoid and crash obstacles. Get as many balls to finish as you can.

Sand Balls is a great puzzle game where you have to drill passages in the sand and bypass obstacles.

The meaning of the game is easy to understand and it is beneficial to diversify the additional content that can be opened.

With the help of pile you will be right on the screen to make moves in the sand, trying to most effectively deliver the balls to the final necessary point, namely – to put them all in the truck. Does it look simple and clear? Yes, but the main essence of “Tetris” is not complicated, and the game is the greatest. Of course, this game can hardly be compared in quality and grandeur with “Tetris”, but it will also be able to surprise you. When passing through the path of our sand balls will have to constantly face a variety of objects, obstacles, which can interfere with and help promote the balls. Situations with the number of balloons that you are moving at the same time right now, can also cause some difficulties. It is not always easy to control the movements of all the balloons at once. It can happen that some balls get stuck in the aisles, cut off by a screen camera, or even self-destruct if they hit a burner or funnel. The balls do not have any “health”, their “death” will be immediate.

So it is necessary to observe the maximum care, to watch closely each step to avoid loss of balls on a way and to load them in a car body, receiving for it corresponding prizes. In the role of prizes are, firstly, the stars, and, secondly, the main among the resources used in the “Sand Balls” – crystals.

Developers continue to enjoy the players to actively update their creations. In a recent update in Sand Balls added a special mini-game, where you need to open three random chests out of nine. There you can get crystals and a special prize, and the special prize is exchanged for valuable resources. To open the chests in 6 steps, you will need to pick up three keys. If you view an advertisement in the chest opening menu, you can add 3 more keys, so the chances to find a valuable prize and take more of the desired crystals are increased. Have a good game!

Little starSeptember 29, 2019909The game is certainly good, and if one “but” didn’t hurt, there would be 5 stars. Now I will explain what kind of “but” is. When I downloaded the game, I read the comments. In almost all (I didn’t read all the comments) it was written that “A lot of advertising”, “Advertising is in the way”, “I’ve never seen so much advertising”. I don’t …Read more

Irina BogdankaSeptember 30, 201975The game is good, but if 3 big BUT. 1. The level cannot be replayed, or if you made a move, then it cannot be undone. 2. It is very stupid when I can get a car, improve it, but it doesn’t work, it loads endlessly, that something is loading allegedly. 3. No levels visible. And so the game is very addictive, developed …Read more

Denis AntonovSeptember 30, 201959Guys, the game is cool, addictive. The minimalistic interface is, of course, cool, but why can’t I skip the old steps? This is stupid and greatly reduces replay value. I hope you read the comments

Anastasia BondarenkoSeptember 30, 2019284The game is good, addictive, but advertising! It is unbearably large, it is simply not possible to play, all kinds of advertisements constantly pop up, and when I want to get an additional bonus, the advertisements do not load, it really pisses me off! Please correct and make less advertisements !!

ivanka novikovaOctober 1, 20199The game is not bad, but only at the beginning. Then it becomes boring, because the levels are the same, even the complexity does not increase. When I collected all the balls, interest is completely lost. A lot of advertising, but it does not interfere. Only sometimes it hangs where x3 and x5

Marina BSeptember 30, 201960The application is not bad, but advertising after each level, you play for 10 seconds and advertising for 60 seconds. 🤪 Dear developers, you need to know the measure in advertising, and secondly, children play casino advertising in these games.

Anna MakhanevaOctober 4, 20198The game is good, but the advertisement is something incredible … It cannot be missed, it cuts music in other applications and pops up every action, you watch 5 clips per level .. Nightmare !!

Dmitry ShardakovOctober 4, 2019fourThe game’s plugin doesn’t work, especially the buttons after completing the level, you have to wait to refuse when the Internet is disconnected, it asks for consent to collect some personal data, I certainly understand that the game is “5-minute” and is made purely for quick money on advertising, but she frankly g.

Hitorika tyanOctober 4, 20196I understand that everyone wants to earn more money on their application, but this is really overkill. Advertising appears after each level and not one, but 2-3. After going through several levels, it starts to annoyingly wildly, I just want to drop everything and remove this app to hell with the dog …Read more

Irina GoncharenkoSeptember 30, 201916Despite the interest in the game, delete. I have not seen such an intrusive advertisement. I play for 5 seconds, I watch 15 commercials. I understand that the application is shareware. But borders must be …

Valeria BalakinaOctober 1, 20197To be honest, it’s very unpleasant that such a cool toy has such a small number of really difficult levels. I reached the level of 100. On the 80th I already realized that the developers were stupidly too lazy to invent levels further.