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Minecraft is a game without borders where you choose your own adventures.

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Trial version of Minecraft trial

Demo – version of Minecraft trial is provided to owners of android operating system absolutely free of charge. You will have 90 minutes to get acquainted with the world bestseller that won the hearts of players around the world. In the demo you can set the skins of Steve or Alex, change the nickname, choose a language, create a game world (only an infinite world is available), come up with a name for it. The mode can be selected only one – survival. Storage, servers, generation keys, cheats and creative mode in the trial version are not available. As in the full version, you will be able to build a boundless world and feel truly free in it, and maybe even lonely, but the creator is definitely a creator. You can design in the created world one more world. When buying a paid version of the world created in the demo, will not be available.

At the beginning of the game you get into the constantly expanding desert, and with each new step it is presented to you in a new way. Or maybe you will find yourself in a desert forest or on an island. At some point you will feel lonely. It will seem that there is no one around. But at the most inopportune moment from the darkness, or from the water monsters and skeletons will start to attack you. What to do? Hide and run away. Caves are considered the most dangerous location in the game. Once you’ve lived your first night in Minecraft, you’ll find that you need to find the materials to live in and build it with passion. It will be a protection against mods. To maintain health, you will need food that can be obtained from plants or animals. You will start krafting basic necessities and weapons on the workbench. Over time, you will be able to build beautiful castles, sculptures and beautiful parks.

Minecraft has flat, endless and old worlds. The endless world has no end, the flat has an end, but there are no trees. In the old world, most of the objects are primitive.

In the survival mode you need to protect yourself from mobs and find food by any means, even if you have to break something. In the creative world you can fly and take all the objects without restrictions. Adventure mode is similar to survival mode, but it provides a map showing the location of objects, here you only need to collect and break is prohibited.

The main thing in Minecraft is the flight of fancy. Create on health!

Explore endless worlds * and build anything from simplest houses to grand castles. In this free, time-limited trial, you can play Minecraft in survival mode, creating weapons and armor to protect you from dangerous mobs. Create, explore and survive!

To use all the features of Minecraft, including the creative mode, the game on the network and much more, get the full version of the game at any time.

* Worlds from the trial version are not transferred to the full version of the game.

User reviews

CheerNichKa PlaySeptember 25, 20192203A good application to try minecraft, but there may not be enough time, it crashes. And people who put 1-2 stars for being small are a trial game to decide whether to buy! And if you want to play for free, try your luck by downloading the pirated version on any popular site, or throw …Read more

Konstantin AmbrazhevichOctober 4, 201937The game is exactly like the original Minecraft !!! AND WITHOUT PAID !!! The game is for me, but you ask – why 4? Because wherever you click – the download original button. By the way, 500+ rubles! And the limit is only 80 minutes, and that’s it! Game over !!! No, but not quite the game is over – you can walk, jump, kill yourself … But …Read more

manasha `September 12, 20195809Hello dear developers! A very good demo version, and 90 minutes is quite normal. Everything is fine, but I have such a request. Add a network game to the demo version. I really want to play with my sister, check and download from the Internet or buy a game for both 1058 rubles. I don’t want to. Hello mo …Read more

Anna GavrikovaSeptember 29, 2019958I have 3 minuses about the game 1) it’s not very convenient to manage 2) I can’t build a house because when I walk behind a tree (when it ends) and cut down a tree then the block of tree is just put on the ground when I walk 3) almost everything is closed because what you need to download for money minecraft so that everything is open …Read more

Tanya tanichSeptember 10, 2019446The game is cool, I created the world: built a house, made a bed, stove, boat, door, windows. I reached level 5 .. And when I want to break the block, I just click and that’s it, it doesn’t break, I can’t open the door, I can’t sleep, I can’t do anything, it’s only on the screen that I’ll find the tree to collect…Read more

Alexandra MortgageSeptember 11, 2019726Everything is great, but there are a few drawbacks. 1) The game starts to lag when everything is full of resources. 2) For survival, you begin to want to eat, but you cannot eat bread, for example. (It is not clear why!) In principle, I like everything, but I suggest the developers add to the game something from this real …Read more

Cool slimeSeptember 29, 201964The game is good. I played 1 time, everything is OK. But after 2 attempts from me, he began to fly out. I tried to reinstall – it does not help. Yes, and plus to everything there is no creativity and cheating on is impossible. According to this 4 stars.

Elizabeth ShSeptember 10, 20193459I’m upset (to put it mildly!) I have Minecraft uploaded to my tablet, they put SIM card on a new phone, and as a result, minecraft is free! And there you had to download it to get the full version! 1 ⭐ !!!! ONLY 1⭐ !!!

PRO100 DANYASeptember 24, 2019348The game is top! And people who write that “time has come up, 1 star” or “why is there a time counter” Lord people, this is a TRIAL version! Version for you to get acquainted with minecraft. If you want to play without time, then buy the full version for 529 rubles.

Anya KuznetsovaSeptember 24, 2019193This minecraft makes it clear that there is not only creative, but survival, in which it is more interesting than reading and taking all things from the creative mode of the game, in earlier versions there was also a lack of creative mode and everyone survived, rather than playing in creative mode.

FobosSeptember 30, 2019twentyWhat can I say? The bedrock version of minecraft is almost no different from PE, though the project is really good. It is of course still “damp”, but since it is a beta version – it does not count as a minus. A significant minus is that the creative game mode is paid. Better make this mode free …Read more