Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!


Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! is a type of music game. With this application you can enjoy not only music, but also special visual effects.

The game has the following features:

  • One-touch ball control;
  • Automatic creation of new levels;
  • 3D lighting and special effects;
  • Thirty or more fun and interesting songs;
  • Twenty background images;
  • Creation of texture for balls;
  • Synchronize your gaming experience on other devices with your Facebook account;
  • Publish your own records and compare them with those of other players around the world.

During the game, you need to click on the ball, keep your finger on the screen, drag it to the right place so that the ball hits the tiles and bounces. You can download and play your songs, for which the program creates a fascinating test. False (pale) tiles should be bounced off the side.

The ball jumps to the beat of the music. It should be led from the tile to the tile, keeping your finger on the screen. Along the way, the ball collects crystals that increase the game score. You can make unimaginable combinations and play with your friends and girlfriends.

The application is very original with amazing graphics. Musical hits and easy to manage game give their fans a great feeling. The goal of this wonderful music game is to jump as far as possible in the tact of music only on the right tiles. The application is available for free! To remove ads, just turn off the Internet.

Fresh update
Let’s get started! Now you can download and play your favorite songs!
Let’s listen to music and enjoy it on the go. Special gifts and music for everyone.

Have you heard about the game “EDM Tiles”? With the Tiles Hop: EDM Rush !, app, you can play music of various styles, from beautiful piano music and guitar songs to masterpieces of rock music and electronic dance music.
СTiles Hop: EDM Rush! you can really relax under EDM.

Game description

1. Click on the ball, hold and drag it so that it bounces on tiles.
2. Do not skip tiles!
3. Now you can download and play your songs.
4. Enjoy amazing music and exciting challenges designed for each song.

The ball will jump to the beat of the music. Listen to the magic rhythm, follow it and guide the ball from tile to tile with the help of your musical instincts. And do not press the screen! This is not a push game.
Do not forget to make incredible combinations and beat your friends on points!

Hits + game with a ball + tiles = amazing sensations
Game features
– Automatic level generation: load your favorite songs to jump to music;
– Easy control with one touch;
– Breathtaking 3D lighting and effects;
– An opportunity to relax under 30 and more beautiful and funny songs;
– More than 20 different backgrounds give new sensations with each game !;
– Collect beautiful textures for your dancing balls;
– Beat your own record for points and challenge your best friend;
– Share your highscores with friends and compare your results with the achievements of players around the world !;
– Connect your Facebook account and synchronize game progress on various devices.

In this awesome music game, which is now available for free, you need to jump on the magic music tiles, listen to the rhythm and jump for as long as possible!

Fans of music games will get a completely new experience from this game.

Game Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! available for free! Play this EDM runner now!HIDE