Color Saw 3D


Ever wanted to do carpentry but like to keep your fingers intact?
With Color Saw, you can do both!
Shape your rough blocks into various shapes with all kinds of tools.
Cut and smash through countless levels.

Color Saw 3D

A game for those who like puzzles and casual games. Filled with great colorful, memorable graphics, Color Saw 3D will certainly be a new hit from Good Job Games. Its meaning is to free the multicolored blocks with the help of a circular saw.

You will need certain skills of mastering this tool in order to destroy the puzzle blocks, to make sure that they do not fall apart. To do this, you will need to use different types of saws.

You need to go through a lot of different puzzles. In doing so, you will need caution and patience not to come back to repeat the levels. During the game you will be able to relax and immerse yourself in the solution of the tasks. Pleasant graphics and clear and simple control will contribute to this.

To achieve success in the game, you need to move groups of blocks, removing all the unnecessary. It is necessary to be very careful not to hurt the blocks of a certain color with sharp blades.
The game has a number of advantages:

The presence of a large number of puzzles;
Simplicity of control plus great graphics;
A great choice of different saws;
the uniqueness of all levels;
Excellent leisure time after work;
Large colour range of blocks.

You won’t notice how time passes and you’ll feel rested, well recharged by the interesting gameplay mechanics. There are no time limits, no limits, improve your skills and win!

User reviews

Akina AreneOctober 4, 2019116Good idea, but a lot of advertising. Already graduated from about 20 levels, each consists of 3 sublevels, and they all go through a couple of movements. It would be more interesting if the levels were more difficult.

Anna IvanovaSeptember 28, 2019354Dear developers. I really liked the game, it is good, interesting, but first of all it is an advertisement. Yes, I know that you can turn off the Internet and there will be no advertising, but still it constantly crawls out. Secondly, after level 52, not only pixelated images begin to repeat (well, let’s say the author …Read more

Iliawolf [Gacha life]October 4, 20192The game is just excellent !!! The developers are great !!! (I don’t understand the people who write “a lot of advertising”, and what you want, people want to earn money, and you …

Olya MyasoedovaSeptember 27, 201954A lot of advertising, too much I do not have time to start the game immediately gets out for 5 pieces !!! What is it, interferes with playing. Of course, I understand marketing. I played the same number of minutes for about 8 minutes. I already liked the game because of advertising.

Sia tomlinsonSeptember 28, 2019twentyThe game is not at all the same as it was advertised; you need to cut out not the whole figure, but its pieces. There is a lot of advertising, obsessive and you can’t refuse it as in normal games.

ZephirusSeptember 29, 201917The game does not work like … a game. Just hold the board to the milling cutter, no need to think, no call. The gameplay needs to be finalized, some kind of zest, or something.

Evnegy MikhailovichSeptember 26, 2019491Very little advertising, gentlemen, more is needed! Why do you have ads only after every second level and to resume the game? Add ads at the entrance to the game, and let them not every two levels, but at each transition. While the four, how even more advertising will correct the assessment

Denis pukhovSeptember 27, 201982I did not play, I downloaded only for the opportunity to put a unit. Very long aggressive ads without the ability to miss in third-party applications. If you have taken such partners for yourself, respond with your rating for their approach to your advertising

Ivan SamaraSeptember 30, 20197A game can directly be completely normal, but the levels will be repeated a hundred times, figs with them that the pictures are the same, but the methods of passing remain the same, purely because of this it becomes uninteresting Therefore, a low score and removal

Larisa IvanovaSeptember 26, 201921Why is there an advertisement after each level ??? Sometimes during the game an advertisement is displayed, but you can’t remove it, and then it turns out that nothing was saved, and all over again. Even without the internet. Do not download this game, waste your time.

Nikita BychinSeptember 25, 2019228I don’t know how others do, but I like the game. Yes there is advertising, but turning off the Internet you can enjoy it, the game is interesting and you can safely download it.

Danya is coolSeptember 25, 201971The game is just a suerer! For example, Stress removes it for me, it’s interesting, sooo thank you for this cool game to the creators just thanks!