Chronicles of Chaos


Sometimes you want to distract yourself from the routine and go into a beautiful fantasy world. Well, now it’s easy to do. Immerse yourself in the magical world of the Dominion with the game Chronicle of Chaos!

Which game will be interesting without an unusual, exciting storyline? In ancient times, the magical lands of the Dominion were cultivated, prospered, people lived on them joyfully and well. But any happiness, unfortunately, comes to an end!

The army of the evil Archidemon came and completely mercilessly seized the Dominion. So came the darkest times! The Archimandrite became famous for his terrible strength and ruthlessness. It is not easy to defeat him. But you can be a hero, right? It’s time to take part in the battle for the Dominion!

And you are not the only hero. There will be a lot of them. Gather an army of heroes and improve their skills to make them absolutely irresistible! Your mission now is to cleanse the Dominion from the forces of evil, and so return prosperity and joy. Faithful and good army will gladly help to become worthy of victory!

In the game “Chronicles of Chaos” you are waiting for you:

dozens of heroes with absolutely unique abilities;
Heroes can be strengthened by pumping new skills;
campaigns, adventures, where you can experience a lot of incredible things;
The victory over the bosses to adopt their power;
unique thematic events, periodically created by the developers and giving the opportunity to win new rare items;
Battles in the Arena with other players;
the possibility to search for allies and to join them for the sake of joint victories!

The Chronicles of Chaos is one of the best games in the genre, and you can prove what you can do! Become a legend in it now!

The game is extremely convenient to play, because it is for mobile devices. With the help of a smartphone, you can do it at home and at work. Combining pleasant with useful, tiresome routine with fascinating gameplay. Thus, you will always have the opportunity to relax in the fantasy world before solving important problems, which can not be overestimated at the pace of the XXI century!

Important: For a comfortable game it will be better to use mobile devices with at least 2 GB of RAM.

Once upon a time, the magical lands of the Dominion developed and prospered, and people lived a serene life and were happy. Until the merciless army of Archdemon captured the Dominion, then a dark period began in the history of this world. The archdemon is known for his uncompromising cruelty and tremendous strength, so it is so difficult to defeat him. It’s time to save the Dominion!

Gather an army of powerful heroes, develop their skills to make them invincible! Now your mission is to cleanse the lands of the Dominion from evil forces, returning joy and prosperity to them. Your loyal army will help you with this.

★ Dozens of heroes with unique abilities;
★ Train your heroes and develop their new skills;
★ Take part in cool campaigns and adventures;
★ Defeat bosses to gain their strength;
★ Participate in thematic events and get rare items as a reward;
★ Fight in the Arena with other players;
★ Find allies and unite in brotherhoods to win together!

Prove what you are capable of! Become a legend in the world of Chaos Chronicles now!

We recommend using a mobile device with 2+ gigabytes of RAM for a comfortable game!